Friday, November 16, 2007

Old people ruin everything

I was on my way home this afternoon, passing through another town when I stopped by a cafeteria that I remember eating at as a kid. The main dining room was closed but they had a takeout section in a little building next door.

On my way out of the main building I pushed passed two old women who were in my way. Walking inside the small building, I already knew what I wanted. Chopped steak, mashed potatoes and mac&cheese.
Once I got up to the cash register I realized that I was going to have to wait on these two women to make up their minds on what they wanted. As if that wasn't bad enough one of them was old. The first (younger) one ordered quickly enough. The second (old) one couldn't make up her mind. With my stomach growling, I stood in line waiting on the old hag to pick something. Once she finally chose something my hopes went up and I thought I was going to get to order. WRONG. Hag changes her mind on what she wants completely. The girl at the cash register is giving me an apologetic look. I don't blame her. I get put in her position all the time. The girl at the register gets the woman's new order rang up and asks if she wanted the same side items as her previous order. The old woman forgets everything she'd wanted and has to go over the menu again. "There's so many choices..." I should have punched her in the face. Somebody needs to take old people down a peg, with their walking in front of younger people and then slowing down, "accidentally" placing their shopping carts near a display so you can't get around it, driving 20mph down a 55mph road. I, for one, won't stand for it anymore.

Oh yeah, my food was good.


Anonymous said...

Hope there is someone like you around when you get old.

Void said...

Me too. Otherwise I'd be pretty bored.

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