Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

I received a call on Tuesday. It was in response to an application for a computer technican job I'd applied for at my school. The head of the IT department tells me that they will be having interviews on Wednesday. They have one available at 3:00 and one at 10:00. I have to work at 10:45. My heart starts pounding. I most likely won't be off work by 3:00, and if I interview at 10 I will be late for work. I can't lose my current job to interview for another job that I may not get. Apparently the school is very professional in giving one-day's notice.

I start freaking out and text the situation to Jenny. Being the sweet person that she is, she found another server to pickup my shift for me. Relief washes over me.

I wake up early to prepare for my interview. My clothes are all ironed. I don a white shirt and tie. The only difference between the clothes I'm wearing and the clothes I wait in are the shoes and the tie.

I arrive about 20 minutes early and speak to the head of Human Resources whom I was told to meet with. A pleasant girl not much older than myself asks me to have a seat and tells me she will be with me in a moment. I hear some old hag talking to her. "He's applying for a position in I.T. and still doesn't have his degree." I'm one class away from completing my degree. I hope she chokes.
After waiting 10 years or 10 minutes depending on who's counting, the girl greets me and walks me to one of the rooms to be interviewed. Inside are the head of the computer technicians and the department head.

I immediately get nervous. The people are friendly enough, but interviews always intimidate me. They start off with normal questions. "What do you do when a customer comes to you with a question?" I know that the "customers" are technically people who work at the school, but luckily waiting experience has helped me learn how to deal with stupid people. Then they ask a few technical questions. "What do you do if a computer consistently loses time? How do you test if a network adapter is working properly? How do you test if you can connect to another computer?"

They don't stump me with any questions and I walk out of the interview feeling confident. I'm told I should receive a call on Friday.

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