Monday, July 6, 2009

Math Misfits and Other Logical Fallacies

So I'm sitting in my math class and overhear this lady talking about how she's the master of algebra and how she was going to be at the head of the class. It didn't surprise me when she was the first to raise her hand and ask a question. It did annoy me when she raised her hand every 3 minutes to ask the instructor to repeat what he had said.

After the lesson, we were working on homework independently and the instructor asked who needed help. Of course, she was the first to raise her hand and start shouting "Me! I do!" She then proceeded to ask for help for every single problem.

And the people that obviously don't know what they're doing are the first to shout the answers. What's the deal with that? Advertising how ignorant you are? I could understand if you had some idea of what you were doing and wanted to see if you are correct, but these people have no idea and are just shouting out random crap.

My cable/broadband provider runs an ad featuring a customer telling her story about how she told her hairdresser what she was paying and her hairdresser tells her it was "a really good deal". What exactly qualifies a hairdresser as an expert on cable/broadband prices? I don't ask my barber for stock quotes, nor do I ask my mechanic for recipes.

I long ago accepted that "common sense" isn't very common and that the average person on the street is functionally retarded, but I still get surprised a little more each day by how stupid they really are.

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