Monday, June 25, 2012

Elevators and Inconsiderate Jerks

It seems like it always takes longer for an elevator to reach me then the time it takes the elevator to arrive at my destination. Part of this is because people sometimes hold the elevator door open for up to five minutes while they're having a conversation.

It is even more annoying when people try to force their way onto the elevator before I've stepped off. There's one in particular elevator in our main building that has a narrow doorway that I mostly fill standing in horizontally. I've taken to standing directly in front of the door. People outside often gasp in surprise and step back after the door opens as if they didn't realize that other people can use the elevator too. The buttons that call the elevators have a backlight that illuminates when the elevator is on the way to that floor. I thought that was common and more people would realize it. Most people will step out of the way but some still stand right in front of the door and others even try to push their way past me. I have shoulder-checked a few people for this and other times I've just stood there and asked why they couldn't wait for me to step off of the elevator instead of trying to force me into an already-cramped space with them.

People show the same inconsideration in other places. Aside from grocery stores where people stand in the aisles having conversations and blocking the aisles, I see people gathering in front of store entrances, blocking the doorway and not moving when people enter and exit the store.

I'm curious if this is a regional thing or if people are this inconsiderate everywhere. I try not to be cynical but people give me more reason to every day.

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