Monday, October 20, 2014

Product Reviews

There are too many people on Amazon who don't understand what the point of a product review is.  Nobody cares how fast your item got there or what problems you have with the seller, this isn't eBay.  You should be reviewing the product, not the company.  Sellers have their own page to rate them.

If you are leaving the review for a complete set of DVDs for a television series, you should rate the set, not the series.  Nobody cares whether you liked the show or not, if somebody is looking to buy a series it is because they already like it.  People want to know how the discs are packaged.  Are they in individual cases or all on a spindle?  Is it going to hold up or is it a piece of crap?  Are they pressed discs or DVD-Rs?  What is the quality of the video and audio like?  How many episodes per disc?  What languages are the audio and subtitles in?  For some reason, some people care about extras.

I don't now if people are getting dumber as whole or if the internet just allows more stupid people to connect.

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