Monday, December 3, 2007

Ask Your Own Waiter

It's inevitable that I'll have to leave my section from time to time. Sometimes I'm running food for other waiters, singing birthday songs, looking for coasters, etc.

A lot of times, if there is food getting backed up in the window I'll run it for the other people so that I can get to my own customers' food. This is where problems arise. If I'm passing by you with a tray you should notice at least two facts. (A) I'm not your Waiter, and (B) I'm very busy.

That being said, one would assume that I have my own customers to deal with. I have orders that need to be taken and rung in, salads and entrees that need to be delivered, desserts to make, bills to drop off and collect. So no, I am not getting you another beer or appetizer. I can't ring those in for you anyway. I'm not even going to get you more salad dressing. I may refill your water if I'm feeling generous. I may make promises of bringing you more napkins and then promptly forget. That is your server's job. My customers are paying me for service. I couldn't care less about you as you're not paying me. Ask your own waiter.

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